Sun. May 22nd, 2022

The governors of Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin have teamed up to create a new electric vehicle charging network. REV Midwest – the Regional Electric Vehicle Midwest Coalition — is the name of the new initiative. The initiative, which is bipartisan, aims to boost the region’s economic growth while also lowering hazardous emissions from automobiles and trucks. Its supporters claim that it will assist the Midwest to contend for both federal and private investment funds and produce jobs and improve public health.

Along with those broad objectives, the proposal pledges to make it easier to locate charging stations, which might encourage electric vehicle adoption by alleviating drivers’ concerns about battery range.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer remarked, “Today’s REV Midwest cooperation is a nonpartisan endeavor to develop the future of transportation and electrification and link our communities.” “Through our relationship, the Midwest will be able to lead the way in electric vehicle adoption, reducing carbon emissions, fostering innovation, and creating well-paying jobs.”

Governor Eric Holcomb of Indiana stressed the importance of transportation in the US economy, stating that new electric car charging infrastructure is “required to futureproof the transportation network and fulfill demand as fast uptake of electric cars continues.” The REV Midwest pact, which lays out various areas in which the states would coordinate their electrification efforts, has been signed by all five governors.

Part of the plan calls on governments to work together to create a network that enables medium- and heavy-duty electric cars, as well as to coordinate their efforts so that drivers in the region experience similar regulations and charging operations.

The governors also expect the Midwest to get a bigger piece of the electric vehicle pie. And equity is mentioned several times in their proposal, both in terms of economic opportunity and in terms of having charging stations as well as other infrastructure broadly accessible.

According to the pact, the five states pledge to “work together to allow an equitable shift to electric cars for all, with special concern for historically disadvantaged communities,” according to the pact. According to a press release about the initiative, several of those localities are near major highways or freight as well as shipping industries, regions were switching to electric power might minimize pollutants and other negative effects.

This MOU establishes the Regional Electric Vehicle Midwest Coalition (“REV Midwest”), a regional framework for accelerating vehicle electrification in the Midwest. REV Midwest lays the groundwork for collaboration on fleet electrification along critical commercial corridors, ensuring economic stability, lowering harmful emissions, improving public health, and fostering innovation. REV Midwest will equip the region to take advantage of additional economic opportunities in clean energy manufacture and deployment by future-proofing its manufacturing, logistics, and transportation capabilities.

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