Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

An enthusiastic crowd of the reservation holders of Lucid Air Dream, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, and Lucid dignitaries gathered to witness the first client-quality 2022 Lucid Air cars move off the assembly line.  Investors, analysts, and members of the press were also in attendance, including Car and Driver. The Lucid Air sedan now has complete FMVSS safety certification and FPA, paving the way for the very first Lucid Air Dream Edition of 2022 client deliveries in late October.

Lucid’s (AMP-1), Advanced Manufacturing Plant not only makes automobiles, but also assembles major powertrain items like power electronics, electric motors, and battery packs at a neighbouring Lucid Powertrain Manufacturing (LPM-1) plant. The factory assembles the complete battery pack (from cells to the inverter), the differential, entire motor, and inverter assembly (which is tiny enough to go into the carry-on luggage), and “Wunderbox” two-way onboard charger, which allows 19.2-kW AC and more than 300-kW DC fast charging.

One reason the Dream Edition can generate 1111 horsepower and give up to the EPA-certified 520 miles of the driving range, according to a Lucid spokesman, is that the company has complete control over the powertrain design and manufacture.

The waitlisted Dream Edition’s limited manufacturing limitation has been raised to 520 cars to commemorate the attainment of maximum range, but Casa Grande, Arizona, facility will also produce the Lucid Air Grand Touring worth $139,000. When fitted with the usual 19-inch wheels and tyres, this vehicle produces 800 horsepower and it has been verified to possess a range of about 516 miles. After they acquire their EPA certifications, production of lower-cost Touring and Pure variants will begin.

The AMP-1 plant is going to start production of the Project Gravity SUV in 2023. Little else has been revealed, and the Lucid website does not currently include a reservation portal for SUVs. This appears to be a calculated move to enable the new AMP-1 facility to massively increase smoothly before adding a higher potential SUV to the mix.

Lucid currently has 13,000 reservation holders. It will be fascinating to see how this evolves now that the facility is operational. It’s standard practice for high-end versions to be created first, so it’ll be fascinating to see what occurs once the Lucid Air Pure valued at $77,400 is put into production.

Production is a significant accomplishment, and Lucid should be commended for it. However, the reality of long-term sales, delivery, construction quality, and after-sales servicing remain unknowns. These have been able to be difficult for all-new car manufacturers, so let’s trust the Lucid Air sedan’s amazing power and range specifications are a sign of how the consumer experience will be.

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