Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

OroraTech has inked a deal with German launch firm Isar Aerospace to deploy the company’s wildfire surveillance cubesat constellation. Isar Aerospace is working on a two-stage Spectrum rocket that will be capable of launching payloads nearly 700 kilograms into sun-synchronous orbit. Spectrum’s first flight is presently planned for the second part of 2022.

Between 2022 and 2026, Isar Aerospace will execute numerous Spectrum launches to put more than ten OroraTech cubesats into the sun-synchronous orbit, according to the deal announced Sept. 7. OroraTech will also be able to launch its entire constellation of many hundred cubesats on Spectrum missions if more flights are needed. OroraTech, a Munich-based firm, was created in 2018 with the goal of developing an early-warning technology for wildfires, which are expected to cost the US between $7 billion – $13 billion in the year 2020 alone. OroraTech’s co-founder and CEO, Thomas Grübler, informed SpaceNews in June that now the business plans to construct a “minimum viable constellation” of dedicated wildfire tracking cubesats by 2023.

OroraTech now provides its service by leveraging data from various satellite sources, including the Copernicus program in Europe. The specialized wildfire monitoring cubesats, on the other hand, are required to ensure that the corporation can offer early wildfire warnings at vital periods of the day. “We discovered that there is a significant lag in publicly available data in afternoon orbits, but most fires start in the afternoon,” Grübler explained. “We’re going to treble the possibility of hitting a fire early enough with our first 14 satellites.”

After Airbus Defence and Space committed to deploying an Earth observation satellite atop a Spectrum rocket in the month of April, OroraTech becomes the second client to sign a launch deal with Isar Aerospace. From then, the startup has raised an extra $75 million in the Series B financing and won the microlauncher competition of German Space Agency DLR, beating out HyImpulse Technologies and Rocket Factory Augsburg for the $13 million award.

OroraTech is an aerospace start-up firm that uses nanosatellites to monitor wildfires. It began as a university spin-off that was held at TUM (Technical University of Munich) in 2018. Munich, Germany, is where the company’s headquarters are located. OroraTech’s main concept was conceived while working on the MOVE-II CubeSat program and WARR at TUM. The Orbital Oracle Technologies GmbH (brief: OroraTech) was founded as a spin-off in 2017 January and incorporated in September 2018. TUM academics Ulrich Walter, who is a former space explorer, and Alexander W. Koch serve as consultants to OroraTech because their technology is based on scholarly research at the TUM.

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