Bayern again, is Mats Hummels a traitor?

The Mats Hummels transfer request is still generating a lot of controversies with fans calling Hummels out for wanting to move to Borussia Dortmund’s direct rivals, while others are in support of the move saying he started out as a Bayern Munich player and should be allowed to go back to his root.

Sportlineng wasn’t left out of the conversation as our writers gave their opinions for and against his proposed move to Bayern Munich.

He is a Traitor!

Josh: Mats Hummels is a traitor he should be an example off and on the pitch. He is familiar with the fact that Bayern Munich strip their rivals off their top players, they did with Bayern Leverkuson took Lucio, Ballack and Ze Roberto from them and now Lewandowski, Goetze from Borussia Dortmund.

He is the captain of the team and should show his followers way to go, this action of he’s means even their academy players can decide to leave since the number player in the club did it.

I don’t care if he was a Bayern Munich academy graduate or started as a Dortmund player is a traitor for wanting to join a direct rival.

While Josh feels Mats Hummels is a traitor Ekom feels he isn’t.

Ekom: for me he is not if a player who joined Bayern Munich at age 6 and learnt almost all he knew about football at the club, joined a direct rivals Dortmund in search of regular football wants to go back to ‘where he began his career ‘ I don’t think we should call him names.

I have watched him played against Bayern Munich many times he gave his all, he played like his life depended on the games and played like someone who hates Bayern Munich. Apart from the fact that he he can decide where he wants to and how he wants to do it, at this point we should also question Borussia Dortmund’s way of handling players contract.

I remember before they lost Lewandowski on a free transfer to Bayern they could have made at least £28m if they had sold him to any of the foreign clubs who wanted him but they didn’t hoping he’ll sign a new contract with them. Why do they always wait for their star players contract to be less than a year before giving them new contracts?

I believe everyone has a right to choose and Mats Hummels is not any different regardless of his position at his present club. Besides, who doesn’t want to join the winning team?


You can join the conversation, do you think Mats Hummels a traitor?



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