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Juventus issue terse response to €2m Nike compensation claims

Juventus have denied they must pay Nike €2million in compensation and criticised the “unlawful” reporting of the dispute with the company.

On Sunday, numerous publications in Italy stated that a judge in a Geneva court had ruled that the Serie A champions must pay the sum to the American sportswear giant over a violation of a previous sponsorship agreement.

The dispute relates to Nike’s refusal to add a third star to Juve’s kit in 2012 to mark their 30th Scudetto title, given that the Italian Football Federation had officially revoked two of those championship wins due to the Calciopoli scandal.

A compromise was later reached to allow Juve to release a shirt with ’30 on the pitch’, but Nike became furious when the club approved the sale of merchandise with the unofficial three-star emblem.

The company, whose agreement with the Turin club ended in 2013, were reported to be seeking €80million in compensation before the tribunal in Switzerland declared that just €2m should be paid.

Juve have since released a terse statement to clarify matters, saying: “In relation to news published unlawfully today about the arbitration dispute between Nike and Juventus, since in breach of the confidentiality expected from arbitration governed by the ‘Uncitral’ rules, the club states that:

“- The amount it will have to pay is far below two million euros.

“- This amount has no relation to the ’30 sul campo’ initiative, which indeed has produced commercial benefits for Nike as acknowledged by the arbitration panel.

“- Juventus reserves every right and action, including the appeal of the arbitration decision.”

Juve, who now hold 30 Scudetti not including those titles revoked in 2005 and 2006, have been sponsored by Adidas since 2013.

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