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4 things we learned from NPFL Match day 1

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I was at Onikan Stadium to watch Ikorudu FC take on Abia Warriors, I was impresses with what I saw; well behaved crowd and the best officiating I have ever seen in a long while.

Just as we anticipated, fans across the Federation came out in their numbers to watch their darling teams play and from what I saw in Lagos they were satisfied with what they saw.

Here are 4 things we learned from match day 1.

1. The Officials are getting it right.

The game between Ikorudu Fc and Akwa United was a proof to that. The referee was at his best, he wasn’t afraid to take decisions irrespective of the side it will affect. He was in charge of the game, he wasn’t moved by the large presence of Ikorodu Fc supporters or the lively Abia Warriors’ fans.

His decisions were spot on, in fact he made a call in the dying minutes of the 2nd half that in the NPFL of old would have been a penalty for the home side and a winner. He didn’t award the penalty stood his ground even while the home fans felt Agbane Ikorudu FC danger man was fouled in the box.

2. The Fans are back

Gradually they are coming to the stadium. In the North, fans coming to the stadium might not be an issue as they often come out in their numbers to watch their clubs. This seem to have spread across the Federation, there were about 3,000 spectators at the Onikan Stadium and reports also confirmed that across the Federation fans came in their numbers to watch their darling teams.

3. Teams can win anywhere

There were four away wins in the match day 1, we hardly boast of two in the past but due to the development of the game and good officiating teams are winning away from home.

4. No more dull moments

From what I saw, fans cheered on their teams and the Play Station like passes and moves on display by both teams on the day it was worth cheering on and going forward fans will want to end their weekend with a feel of any of the NPFL matches.





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